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PARA CLINICAL - Pharmacology

  • Introduction
  • Curriculum
  • Facilities


A good physician has to be a good pharmacologist. Students gain a thorough knowledge of medications, such as various routes of administration, mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics, adverse drug reactions and dosage schedules

The department is comprised of faculty, staff and students dedicated to research and teaching in pharmacology, the study of the mechanisms of drug action, discovery of new drugs and application to human health.

The department aims at the complete knowledge of rational drug therapy, its importance & application to their students. The department also aims to train the budding doctors with the knowledge of correct prescript writing.


The curriculum is a healthy mix of theoretical and practical work. Students are expected to take up projects and attend clinical classes. Interactive sessions encourage students to present their understanding of the subject. Faculty members put the audiovisual facilities of the lecture halls to good use in keeping the sessions lively.

Undergraduate students are made familiar with the usage of medications commonly prescribed. Since prescribing drugs is an important daily routine for a medical professional, training in writing a proper prescription is also part of the curriculum.

Facilities of Department

  • Department has cabins for faculty & staff besides having several laboratories, library, museum demonstration room & office etc.
  • The dept has all the facilities for UG& PG teaching as per the regulations of MCI.
  • The department runs a pharmacovigilance centre which actively involves in the detection, assessment and understanding of the Adverse Drug Events (ADE) in the hospital. The centre is in the process of acquiring a formal affiliation to the National Pharmacovigilance Programme of India.
  • The department has an animal house.


Both faculty and students are encouraged to attend research programs to come out with better medications and investigate existing prescription drugs. The Animal House is attached to the department as much of the research involves testing.

  • Each of the faculty members have served publication in indexed National & International journals
  • Currently following research projects are going on the department
  • A study of Awareness and attitude of First Professional (Pre-clinical) and second Professional (Para-clinical) Medical Students towards HIV/ AIDS at SIMS, Hapur. (Dr. Sunita Singh) To study the oxidative stress and role of antioxidants in induced hepatotoxicity in tuberculosis patients. (Dr. Harshwardhan)

Lab Facilities:

Pharmacy Lab

A pharmacy lab in the department is equipped with all the essential instruments and reagents for demonstration and practice of pharmacy exercises.

Experimental Pharmacology Lab

This is well-equipped lab provides facility for demonstration of animal experiments and charts

Demonstration Room

With a capacity to seat approximately 60 students, this mini-hall in the department is well-equipped with audio-visual aids including OHP projectors, black board.


The department Museum contains sample drugs, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic charts, photographs of medicinal plants, plant products, models of receptors and exhibits depicting history of pharmacology to aid illustrative teaching.

Research Lab & Biochemical Lab

The research lab contains all equipments as specified by Medical Council of India


The department library has 83 books on medical pharmacology for faculty reference.

Special achievements

In collaboration with Physiology department organized the 4th Annual Conference of UP-UK chapter of Association of Physiologists & Pharmacologists of India in September 28th -29th 2013.